You Really Can’t Feel Your Own Creativity

You can, however, access it and be aware of it.
Your own creativity is always with you, and it’s something that you don’t need to think about. Most people don’t realize this and dismiss the fact that they are creative, when in fact they are.

Everyone is creative. People dismiss their creativity all the time.
Why is this? This is because they are involved in a linear mindset on a daily basis.

What is a linear mindset?

It’s the way the world works in a logical point-by-point sequential manner, relying entirely on science-based and factual conclusions. It supports the concept of “if you can’t see it doesn’t exist”. This linear and logical mindset that most people have in the western world blocks creativity in many ways.

In order to operate in the world you do need to understand and employ the logical mind. A common viewpoint is that the left side of the brain supports logical thinking, and the right side of the brain is the imaginative, creative and intuitive side. We have all heard the common phrase, right brain thinker. Surprisingly, the right brain thinker has gained recognition in business lately. Corporations and businesses realize the necessity of creative solutions to problems and want to hire people who think creatively. There is a need for “out of the box” thinking in the worlds of finance and business development.

Another recent development in the way mainstream businesses address problem solving, is the implementation of expressive arts practices. Art facilitators give workshops to business leaders, whereby they have participants do such things as doodling, drawing with their eyes closed, drawing with the non-dominant hand, and writing out sentences with beginning prompts from the arts facilitator.

Using poetry, drawing, art mediums, movement and music, people can start to open the crack in the door to thinking differently. Expressive art practices do this. The intention and realizations occur in the creative process itself, and not in the preceived expectation of wonderful results. What these practices do is open the door to the creative essence that’s innate in everyone. These practices can be messy, unpredictable, unknown, chaotic, and non-linear. But these practices can lead one away from perfectionism and fear of failure; the emotional blocks that thwart the creative process.

When we allow ourselves to make mistakes, pivot in midstream, take a different path, reframe our thinking, be curious, try a new idea, and let go of sameness thinking, we open a whole new world. In our non-linear and dreaming mind, we can discover, explore, and follow a mysterious but fulfilling way into our creativity.

Artisan, certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. Your creativity is a journey of courage and perseverance. I can help with your blocks.

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Laura Quilligan

Artisan, certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. Your creativity is a journey of courage and perseverance. I can help with your blocks.