Why I Like Audio Journaling

Laura Quilligan
3 min readOct 13, 2021


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Audio journaling is a good alternative to writing in a journal. I have about 20 different handwritten journals in spiral notebooks over the past 20 years that have really helped my state of mind as a way to reflect and see what I was thinking at that given moment in time. You can add audio journaling to your writing journal practice as a way to deepen your awareness of your present state of mind. If you like to write in the morning, you can also audio journal.

It’s something I like to do with a cup of coffee.

I’m audio journaling this blog post.

Lately, audio journaling has become a place of refuge for me. Usually, in the morning, I talk into my phone via the Voice Memo app and spill out my thoughts in a rambling, stream of consciousness, unstructured, completely honest, and authentic way. I find this practice healing.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh at what I’m feeling at the time I record. I listen back, as if listening to a friend talk about their innermost thoughts. It feels cathartic and like going on a journey with myself as I explore at any given morning my state of mind.
I try to redirect the negative thoughts, which is normal, with observations of the beautiful scene outside my window. The beauty of the morning. The way the tree sways in the breeze. The way the birds perch in the tree.
The shape of the clouds. The color of the vast blue sky.
Entertaining more positive thoughts and observations, is the antidote to my inner critic and critical voice.

I regard my audio journaling time like talking to a trusted friend; a kind listening and attentive friend, who will simply listen without judgement, and has the time to consider the challenges I face. This may seem rather weird, but it seems to reset my intention for my day.

I can ramble on about the negative, reframe with positive affirmations AND observations about my environment, and then move on after clearing my mind.

This practice, for me, seems to open up my creativity.

Giving myself permission to speak my truth, and then listening back, I open the channels to my intuition.

Asking questions, without exact answers, holds space for one to relax into what is unknown. And so many of life’s questions have unknown answers. Being ok with unknown answers reduces the ever present concept of being perfect, exact, and stoic, which is an epidemic in our modern Western culture.

From a blog on the meaning of intuition;

“It’s about connecting to the innate creativity that’s in your being. It’s intuitive and we all have intuition. You can’t measure intuition with linear measurements. Intuition is a soft place that holds your subtle energy and is connected to your heart center.

It’s that small still voice that comes around when you least expect it. When you become still that voice gets stronger, and you will hear it more clearly. Please do honor and hold dear that calm still intuitive voice. It’s a window into your inner galaxy and creativity.“

If you feel so inclined, try audio journaling. You can still write or draw in your journals, which I still highly recommend.

There are several free apps to install on your phone for audio journaling. Or you can use the notes option and voice typing.

Wishing you much joy, discovery, playful sharing, insightful realizations, crying purifications, and anything you wish to recite and record as you talk and share your innermost thoughts. x0



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