Slow Down

Laura Quilligan
3 min readMar 24, 2021


Many times it feels impossible to slow down and I find myself caught up in the “entranement energy” of constantly doing something immediately.

Rapid Entranement is a term to describe the rapid flow of energy that envelopes us on a daily basis. (author unknown). Nonetheless, I have remembered this term frequently, to make sense and label this feeling of being caught up in a hurried sense of urgency. Because our shared reality is so fast paced, it’s everywhere. I’ve seen how people can’t really be where they are…in the present moment. Out to dinner, out to breakfast or lunch, taking a walk, sitting on a bench, out with friends; people are on their phones.

I work in a gallery and all the work is original and handmade. Many times people are in a hurry, and if their phone beeps, they stop looking. I sense that people are searching for something other than information, and would like to feel inspired. For the people who do slow down, and connect with the art, they are rewarded. The reward is taking a break, and slowing down the constant interruptions by their cell phones.

Liberation is in the palm of your hand without your cell phone.

I have a smartphone and use it frequently to check messages. When I find myself mindlessly scrolling on my phone in a trance, I try to become aware of this habit. Many articles have been written about breaking up with your phone. It’s an extreme example of what happens with phone addiction. Phone addiction is one of the ways that puts us in the trance of “rapid entranement”. Try if you can for small periods of time, to just “be” without your phone.

You can try for 1 minute. Set a timer or just use your watch. After 1, or even 2 minutes see how it feels in your body. Do you have a sense of spacious and openness? If you feel just a bit of calming or slowness, you are opening the default mode network in your brain to allow creative thoughts to happen.

Slowing down activates your prefrontal cortex in your brain so you have the opportunity to do something creative.

When you do slow down, try and take note of what it felt like. Practicing meditation is a very good trend that is taking place in society, and encourages slowing down. Meditation is an antidote to “rapid entranement”.

Meditating doesn’t need to be complicated. You can simply sit upright in your chair, or cushion if you prefer, place your hands on your lap or on your thighs, and breathe in a normal way. You can close your eyes or keep a slight closure allowing the light to enter. When you allow light to enter, it can help with alleviating the sleepiness that can occur. As you sit upright, breathing normally, you can simply “watch your breath”. Place your attention on the tip of your nose, relax, and allow thoughts to arise and pass without judgement.



Laura Quilligan

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