Sit down, Breathe, Start Writing

Laura Quilligan
2 min readApr 23, 2020


I’m part of a challenge to create content for 14 days. This is very good to have this opportunity to be accountable.

Here is the beginning of the process of saying something relevant to my creativity coaching business….I am struggling with writing something relevant. I have already shared this in our facebook group; my struggle.
So the task now is to try and move on and encounter the resistance. And hidden in the resistance is the procrastination and certainly the fear of not relaying what I want to say perfectly.

This irony lies in my own procrastination and perfectionism with the writing now, especially when I don’t feel like it.

George Kao, an excellent, ethical and common sense business coach, has repeatedly said how it’s the process of showing up and just starting, rather than waiting or procrastinating.

Procrastination is one of the big blocks to our creative process.

In these times of Covid-19 our understanding of what is normal, has been completely altered. Since this soon to be “new normal” is occuring, procrastination can be expected, and is normal. I’m giving myself permission to be normal with procrastinating.

I have been slow to start some drawing projects.

I have been slow to finish my silk painting that I have done for 17 years as a job.

I procrastinate when getting to the yoga mat at 9 am.

There are times I stare out the window and wonder about the current world wide situation,

I do however, do the above mentioned things, but in smaller and shorter periods.

I still daydream a lot, and this is a good sign and how I know I still have the desire to launch into my enjoyed activities with great gusto.

I’m in the unrecognized, but worthwhile state of percolation, as the opposite of procrastination.

Because of the Kaizen philosophy, and the Kaizen Muse Coaching model, I can give myself credit for having this awareness. We can reframe our procrastination, and instead percolate!

Daydreaming is a beautiful and helpful component in the creative process and aligns with percolating.

I will continue with my daydreams.

We can daydream with our hopes and wishes, creative ideas, and our hunger for a return to normal life. It will take time, but I do believe that what awaits us at the end of this Covid time, will be a better and more enlightened global awareness.




Laura Quilligan

Artisan, certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. Your creativity is a journey of courage and perseverance. I can help with your blocks.