Comparison is Fuel for Your Inner Critic

Laura Quilligan
2 min readMar 19, 2021


Your inner critic wants you to compare yourself to others.

As we go about scrolling on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there’s a great tendency to compare ourselves to others. Everyone else has it together except us. I found myself in this mindset many times, but because of my awareness I pivoted away from listening to my inner critic.

Your inner critic tells you while you compare that you’re not good enough.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy social media to a degree, but also realize how dangerous it is. We see so many images of people who are successful, glamorous, and wealthy. I completely scroll past any of those messages.

I do like looking at other artists on Instagram but still need to be careful about comparison. It’s best to read or watch messages that encourage us to be creative, rather than wanting end results. There is no one who is like you. You are unique and creative.

The inner critic will tell you, though, that you’re not creative because what you’re trying to do isn’t good enough. Play is a very important component in the expressive arts, and in artistic endeavors. The inner critic is very good at stopping us from playing with our art mediums. Because society considers play a waste of time or just something you do when you’re not working, It’s dismissed frequently.

When you find yourself scrolling and comparing, stop! Go to your favorite art medium and play instead.

Using expressive art mediums such as paint brushes, crayons, chalk pastels, pencils, watercolor, art journaling, (guided relaxation), and journaling in written form, we can explore our own creative voice.

The passive experience of scrolling through social media can take us away from our unique authentic self. Finding joy in your own way with the materials you have, is much better than vicariously living or seeing life through other’s eyes.

When I scroll and see amazing art, I try to reframe my viewpoint and become inspired instead. It’s not always an easy reframe, but it’s worth a try to clear space for your own wonderful creative pursuits.



Laura Quilligan

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